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The Purple Thistle Bed & Breakfast - History

The Purple Thistle's Story

There once was a house
where a family lived,
A Mom, a Dad and a couple of kids.

The kids grew up
which left Mom and Dad,
many years later the old house grew sad.

Abandoned for better,
considered "storage" by all,
the "memories" however, were retained by the walls.

With windows now broken
and absolute abuse,
the little old house longed for use.

A treasure I've found, please let it be mine!
It's the house that I've longed for...
for such a long time.

The story of the move
is unique in itself,
To God give the glory, for He did it Himself.

With much toil and labor
the walls talked to me,
Longing to tell the story, of the old family tree.

With each day of labor
the cabin evolved,
To become a welcoming refuge, now loved by all.

To our guests,
we hope you've been touched,
By this little house, given to us.

Purple Thistle
The Fitzgerald Family
The Purple Thistle 09/01
The Purple Thistle

The front porch of The Purple Thistle overlooks the tank
and offers solitude and relaxation.

The 850 sq.ft. house was moved onto the Fitzgerald Ranch in December of 2000. The majority of the work was completed by the family members themselves. There is an interesting story of how the cabin came to be and the family loves to relate it to others. It took nearly a year to complete the renovation project. The house now known as The Purple Thistle's "cabin" contains central air/heat, new plumbing, a wood burning fireplace, and a great front porch awaiting your arrival.

The furnishings are simple, reflecting a simpler time in our nation. It will bring back memories of "Grandma's house", where the screen doors slammed, water came from a well, and you slept with the windows open as you gently fell asleep to nature's music of frogs croaking, crickets singing and a hoot owl in the distance, keeping watch for the night.

We often say, "We are selling a memory, not just a bed."Purple Thistle

(However, if you are just into beds and not memories; there are a few motels in the area and we will gladly assist you with phone numbers.)

Looking out over the tank from the front porch.The Purple Thistle in WinterThe Purple Thistle
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