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The vintage kitchen is alive with color. Cabinet doors are decorated with photos of the Saturday Western actors we all loved.

The kitchen is fully equipped with modern conveniences such as a microwave, stove, coffee pot, toaster, pots, pans, dishes, and of course a 50's table and fidge.

Kitchen at the Purple Thistle
Livingroom at the Purple Thistle

The cozy living room of The Purple Thistle cabin contains all the down home comfort you would expect from the country life.

The deer mounted in the corner was taken by the Fitzgerald's son, Jimmie, when he was 12. There is a wood-burning stove in the opposite corner and an easy chair for reading. You will find plenty of material on the local history available at the cabin as Jacksboro is home to Fort Richardson where the first Indian was tried in a White Man's Court. The Fort still stands today.

Comforts of home in the living room include a remote control TV/VCR and large windows for viewing nature.

Master Bedroom at The Purple Thistle

Bedroom at the Purple ThistleThe bedrooms are just about the most inviting thing about the cabin. The master bedroom features a a large, plump queen bed that just nearly invites you to "jump on the bed", but please don't!

The smaller bedroom is reminiscent of "days gone by" and features two vintage twin beds.

Now, to the unique part of the cabin, remember the cabin is a remodel and therefore we had to work with existing space. So, how do you come up with a great bathroom?? Well, if you're a Fitzgerald you add a 100 year old galvanized metal tub. (Hmmmm, if we could only add Clint Eastwood and his drink of choice the addition would be complete!) Well, we won't attempt to go there...anyway, there is a shower available for those who just can't do the tub. There again, the shower has certain characteristics of it's own. Some of our guests say bathing at The Purple Thistle is "hands down" the most interesting experience you will ever have......You decide.Purple Thistle

Bathroom at the Purple Thistle
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